MAY 22-27th

THE NIGHT ACADEMY is an annual gathering where nightlife creators from across the world meet over seven days to exchange skills, knowledge and creativity.

Nomadic, collaborative and hands-on by nature it is always hosted by an local community and venue.

The program consists of multiple creative master classes, a nightlife conference and last but not least a 24 hour electronic music festival to top it all off!

Conference: Stockholm After Dark

SAD is a small but ambitious nightlife conference dedicated to improving Stockholm's nightlife by learning from leading cities of the night.

In partnership with Stadt Nach Acht and Berlin Club Commission.

26-27 May

Master classes & workshops

Calling all artists, builders, producers and managers involved in creating nightlife culture and economy!

Are you looking to learn new skills together with your peers?

22-26 May

24 hour festival: WHY24?

Stockholm should be a 24h city and we as its citizens deserve to live in a capital that stays alive and vibrant also after dark.

Yes, we will indeed be going at it for 24 uninterrupted hours - first outdoors and then indoors - and you’re hereby warmly invited to come and dance in support!

27 -28 May




The Night Academy 2023 will be the first of hopefully many international gatherings where people from all walks of nightlife meet to exchange both practical and theoretical knowledge. This all takes place in a hands-on environment and is done in a way that directly benefits both the hosting venue and the local night life culture as whole. 

For the first year the staging ground is mainly House Blivande and its adjacent container village Frihamnstorget in Stockholm, Sweden.

The entire project spans over 6 days in May with the educational program taking place on the weekdays.

On the weekend Fri-Sat a 2-day international nightlife conference will take place where both local and international speakers and invited participants partake. 

The Saturday also features the culmination event of the week in the form of the 24 hour “WHY24?” festival where some of the fruits of the week’s collaborations are shared with the wider world.

Don’t miss out!


The heart of The Night Academy and the reason for its name are the peer-to-peer learning opportunities it brings.

These come in various shapes and forms but have the common denominator of being expert-lead masterclasses inviting professionals from nightlife related fields to learn from one another.

This while also helping a local nightlife community to evolve and blossom in a win-win process.

Diana Nayeli Monsberger is Stockholm-based budding leader in the realms of community management.

Are you a loving but frustrated catherder working in nightlife?

This one is for you.

Join Tobi Neumann, Martin Eyerer and other masters-of-the-field for this foray straight from the horse’s mouth and the contemporary electronic music industry of Berlin.

Riverside Studios Berlin visits Stockholm for The Night Academy and wants to share their knowledge.

Metallurgical magicians Tobi Kiefer and Maja Explosiv will be leading this 5-day intensive course on the intricacies of metallic art & sculpturing.

A ferociously ferrous bonanza for anyone so inclined!


MAY 26-27

Stockholm After Dark will take place over two days and is a small and change-oriented international conference.

The pressing topic at hand is what Stockholm can and should learn from Berlin and other leading cities of the night and why that is of the utmost importance.

In partnership with Stadt Nach Acht conference and Berlin Club Commission.

MAY 27/28

The festival’s ambition is to bring the different parts of The Night Academy together in unison.

In the process we hope to show the good people of Stockholm a glimpse of what a better 24H city can look, feel and sound like!




The Festival will be the last act of the week and the event that brings together the new relationships, learnings and creations of The Night Academy into one celebratory unity and sharing it with the rest of Stockholm. Everyone’s invited!

The ambition is to show the good people of Stockholm a glimpse of what a better and 24 hour city future can look, feel and sound like, right here in our own city.  

The main event will run outside at the container village Frihamnstorget from 15.00 until 22 and is followed by an afterparty indoors at Blivande that will continue until 15.00 on Sunday afternoon.

All in all a 24 hour continuous festival in the name of Stockholm as a 24 hour city!


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