Prepare to ignite your creativity and join a unique project that could elevate your metalworking skills to new heights!

“The Art of Heavy Metal” is a collaboration led by four talented international artists and your opportunity to work with 10 like-minded doers who share your passion for metal and art.

The project’s goal is to create a life sized metal tree that will become integrated as a permanent part of Frihamnstorget in Stockholm.

The project encompasses more than welding and forging and incorporates various multidisciplinary skills including parametric design, CAD design and woodworking.
Join in on this exciting project and co-create an art piece that will not only astonish and inspire but also likely outlive you!

Please note that this is NOT a beginners course and will be quite full-on and high pace.

Tobias Kiefer

Tobias Kiefer, originally from Stuttgart, Germany, has 20 years of experience as a professional metal worker across Europe and Australia.

His artistic practice started in the context of participatory events in 2017. He moved his company to the container village Frihamnstorget in 2019 and has expanded the workshop there every year since.

Alongside his conventional clients from the construction industries he also builds Solarpunk-styled urban gardening installations and does commissioned work for theatres and performance artists. Here pictured next to his latest personal art project in the form of a 4 meter tall Phoenix bird, eager to be engulfed by flames.

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Maja Explosiv

Maja Explosiv, born Maja Thommen in Pfäffikon, Switzerland in 1973, is a multidisciplinary artist whose extensive physical artwork oeuvre includes sculpture (metal, stone and wood), robotics, kinetic art, illustration and painting.

Her experience in stage arts includes theatre development, production, management, and direction, costume design, employment of explosives and pyrotechnics, as well as performing as both an acrobat and musician.

She has been greatly influenced by her experiences traveling in various performance collectives including Bagger and Elxt90.

Maja constantly seeks out situations where she can collaborate and learn from her artist peers. She thrives in these situations and it is precisely these exchanges that have aided her continuous growth as an artist.

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Christina Sporrong

Christina Sporrong is an artist and metal sculptor recently based out of Lund, Sweden. Her roots are global, but she calls Taos, New Mexico and Sweden her homes.

Sporrong’s work often contains an intersection of performance, sound, form and interactivity. A few highlights of these merging disciplines are Amortec, a disjointed romantic dance between a robot and a woman on stilts; The Heron Project, a kinetic sculpture that acts as an aerial performance playground; and Caged Pulse Jets, a fiery cacophonous sound sculpture that the audience can play like an instrument.

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